INNO-ESPAMAROC ENERGY Focuses on encouraging bilateral scientific cooperation and the transfer of knowledge and know-how, through the joint development of innovative products / processes / services for the Moroccan / Spanish, African, European and international market,  that impact the consumer, society and the environment.
The funding are provided in the form of a grant, in accordance with the project specifications. The CDTI finances up to 70% and IRESEN up to 30%.
The technology readiness level of proposed projects must be greater or equal to three (TRL > or equal to 3).

Projets Présélectionnés Inno-ESPAMAROC ENERGY 2020

 1- MELHY: Moroccan Project of Underground hydrogen storage

Partenaire scientifique : Green Energy Park (GEP) / UM6P

Partenaire industriel : SOMAS ; ENAGÁS SERVICES SOLUTONS, S.L.U (hereinafter Enagás) ; Hydrogène de France


2- AGRICULTURE 2.0 - Photovoltaic pumps for precision agriculture

Partenaire scientifique : Fondation MAScIR; Green Energy Park (GEP)/ UM6P

Partenaire industriel : Les Domaines Agricoles ; Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias S.A.; elittoral estudios de ingeniería costera y oceanográfica S.L.N.E.

3- GREEN-GRID - Development of a Smart Green Microgrid in the African context

Partenaire scientifique : Green Energy Park (GEP) / UM6P

Partenaire industriel : ELEXPERT, IDEAS TX INGENIERIA S.L

4- Intelligent PV - data INTELLIGENce Tools for better operation & maintenance of PV assets

Partenaire scientifique : Green Energy Park (GEP) / UM6P
Partenaire industriel : Heliantha, VEOLIA Servicios, Lecam Sociedad Anonima Unipersonal

5 - Imprimante 3D portable : Imprimante 3d portable pour l'industrialisation / personnalisation des constructions

Partenaire scientifique : Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah (USMBA)
Partenaire industriel :  Hiba Béton, TPF GETINSA EUROSTUDIOS, S.L.